Fuel Your 

F*ck Yeah

And Build The D*mn Business Already 

There is a fire inside of you that you have come to reckon with. 


There was a period of darkness, of internal turmoil, that you overcame that reacquainted you with the fire inside of you. That made you remember that there is light inside of you that needs to be shared. That all the madness you underwent was for a bigger reason. All the heartache, abandonment, neglect, and pain was for a reason: for you to find your power again and come out on the other side. For you to wake up. For you to remember who you are. For you finally say ENOUGH- and decide to take a stand for your life; for what you care about. For the magic within you. For you to remember the superhuman inside of you, that has been there all along. 


All of the hardship lead you here. To beat to your own drum, to be selective about your life, to intentionally choose to make everything extraordinary- as it should be. Just how you like it. And now you can no longer settle. You can no longer participate in life in a way that is not aligned with the depths of your soul- with the truth of what you know deep down. You can no longer follow everyone else’s way. You can no longer make yourself small to try to fit in. You can no longer act from a place of pleasing others in an effort to feel a sense of belonging. You can no longer perform the mundane responsibilities of your current career and ignore the voice that tells you, you were meant for more. That was the old way. Now, the only option has become to honor what you have learned to be true through your previous experiences. The only option is to listen to the relentless voice within, and ACT on the knowingness that you were build for more than this.


The only option now, is to honor yourself, instead of abandon yourself; and to stand unapologetically in the authenticity of who you are. The heartbreak taught you wisdom, the trauma showed you the importance of taking care of yourself first, the neglect reminded you that you have to have your own back. And now this is what you know you must do. Honor your truth. Honor your heart. Turn the old hardship into straight up transformational art. It's an internal nudge, that the song inside of your heart is also the thing that will create wealth.


You've always known you were meant for something big, that you were never like the rest. You’ve always been ahead of the pack. A high performer. Someone who genuinely gave a sh*t. Actually, you can't NOT give a sh*t- It’s just how you were made. With grit. With determination. With PIZZAZZ. It’s who you are. You might have forgotten through the dark times, but in the end, these experiences enabled you to see who you always were. The dark times reminded you of the go-getter you were. It built resilience. It molded you into who you had to become to finally step into the empire you were born to create.


You're someone with profound wisdom, intellectual curiosity, wit, and personality. They don’t make them like you often. That’s why it was so hard for so long. Because you were trying to find your way by doing what everyone else was doing- which was being someone who wasn’t TRULY you. But now, you know the only way to click into the legend you were born to be, feel a deep sense of soul satisfaction, and make BANK- is to honor the fullness of who you are. Is to say YES to the magic inside of you, and impact others with it. 


You know you’re unique, but you own it for real now. Or, you're starting to, at least. And you’re ready to commit your life to it. Commit your life and career to the brilliance that is you. You know you want to make REAL money from a place of soul truth.- from a place of unleashing your X factor and up-leveling the lives of others. You know you want to help other people out of the darkness with the lessons you have learned. You know you have wisdom inside of you that has the power to turn on the light in others, just as it turned on the light in your own life. This is your life’s work. You can’t deny it. No matter how hard you try. It’s just what you were meant for: to overcome that darkness and turn on your light. To overcome the story of disempowerment and step into your birthright. To claim your empire., your kingdom; and to become legendary.


You know it is your deepest mission to help others turn on THEIR light. To empower, educate, inspire, and uplift others. And in turn, light up the world. You were born to be a soul driven entrepreneur. To have complete autonomy, freedom of creative expression, and utilize your emotional intelligence. You were made to combine your unique qualities to create an absolute masterpiece. To get paid to share your message and to change lives. To make millions by building a business from your heart. 


You WEREN'T meant to follow the beaten path. You WEREN'T made to be an average Joe. You were made to forge your own path. To be unforgettable. To leave your mark on the world. And you know this now, and you know the time is now. Because there has never been a better time to say YES to the deepest knowing of all. To say YES to dedicating your life to the thing that has fundamentally changed your life. You transcended the place of disempowerment, and now dedicate your life to living in integrity with your inner power instead of your pain.


And you were made to help others do the same. This is your zone of genius. This is what you were born for, to be a soul-led entrepreneur. To use your X-factor to build the empire and create wild success. You just know it.

Who Is this For?

You KNOW you are meant for an epic life and that entrepreneurship is the gateway

You beat to your own drum, and desire absolute freedom, authenticity, and expression in your career and business 

You want to use your natural brilliance and inner genius to make you MONEY

You've overcome some bullish*t in your life and you want to use it as FUEL to impact others

You are ready to say YES to create the life you dream of by being all of you in your career

What makes you say “f*ck yeah!” ?

I love this question.

It’s a thrust into passion…that feeling of “oomph”

behind life that we’re all chasing.

…The place of the fist pump

…The stank face

…The Lezzzgoooo

Alexa….play Icona Pop’s, “I love it”

This is THE VIBE we all want.

But sometimes it can feel so far away.

Always having to put on our “mask” to go to work.

Not feeling free to express who we truly are in our

everyday routine.

Counting down the hours of our DAY we spend doing

something we hate just to pay the bills. Knowing we

are underutilizing our God-given talents in our work



This was me for years.

Scared to admit it to myself.

Worried that I wasted so much time and money on

grad school to change my path.

Not feeling safe to be honest with my friends and



But at some point, this ache that I lived with for so

long, became unbearable.

I HAD to do something.

I had to stop living in loop. Working myself to the bone

only to crave rest.

Always trying to escape my life through a vacation or


I had to find my “f*ck yeah”.

I followed a trail of breadcrumbs that lead me to my

actual dream career: helping YOU find YOUR f*ck

yeah…turning your INNER FIRE into a Business.

I was born to do this.

It’s in my bones.

I am so fired up about how I am able to serve


I get to be my REAL self for a living! Imagine that!!

You can too. I PROMISE.

If you KNOW there has got to be more. That’s because

there is. Trust that.

This is my invitation for you to join my group program:

Fuel Your F*ck Yeah & Build The D*mn Business Already

What can you expect?  Pt. 1

1. Unleashing Your Inner Genius

Learn how to unleash the genius and X FACTOR inside of you to create a business that changes lives and pays you

2. Your Niche & Message

Learn how dial in your message so you are consistently speaking your TRUTH to attract soul mate clients

3. Land press

Learn how to land press to amplify your essence in your brand. You feel like you're Forbes energy? Let's get you featured in Forbes then.

4. Your offer

Learn how to create your offer so that the essence of you and your wisdom effectively transforms the lives of others.

What can you expect?  Pt. 2

5. Build An Audience & Land Clients

Learn step by step how to build an audience and land clients through social media.


Learn how to navigate the emotional roller coaster of life while building a business with specific strategies + techniques. 

Bonus 2: Find Your flow

Learn how to recode your belief system for inevitable success, find your flow state and become legendary.

Bonus 3: The Fundamentals of Fueling Your F*ck Yeah

Learn how to discern between a want, a need, and a true desire so that you only say YES to the true things you were meant to say yes to; AKA your f*ck yes.

 I had been feeling pretty conflicted about which direction to go in my life and where to take my career and had become somewhat unambitious,uninspired, and all-around stuck. However, just after our very first meeting my mood improved. I felt like she was able to light a fire under meand incentivize me. By guiding our conversation through specific questions she was able to figure out what was blocking me from taking action. Alexandra was able to pinpoint the tasks I needed to accomplish in order to further my career and take my next steps. The advice she gave me was bite-sized and attainable. She gave me specific steps to take along with the advice and strength to do so. I could not have done it without her!

Jordan M.

With Alexandra's expertise and knowledge I stepped out of my comfort zone. With her coaching skills I managed to step forward and stayed forward. Before my sessions I knew what I wanted to do but I didn't trust that it would work. But guess what! She showed me exactly what to do to make it happen! i felt powerful and energized after each and every session. I knew I was in good hands with how professional and knowledgeable she was. She genuinely wants you to win and you can feel it. I gained my first paying client whilst under her mentorship!!!

Anna M.

After working with Alex and following her coaching plan she truly helped ignite my flame. I came to the realization that my internal spark was not dead, I was just not following my purpose. Alex provided me the tools to change my mindset which led to me completely changing my career path and following my dreams of being an Interior Designer. A passion I had let go years before because I thought taking the comfortable route was the best way. I left my corporate job at the end of 2020 and my Interior Design business has been nothing but successful. I am so grateful for her guidance and for leading me back to my true calling!

Jennifer F.



"I have had numerous coaches, but there is noone like Alexandra! 

When I saw her program called Fuel your F*ck Yeah, I would have to say my first thought was oh wow, that is an amazing title and heck yes I need this (oh and I love the F word but my Mom would kill me right now!)! Fast forward to my first time talking to her, she was so real, so down to earth and connected in a way I cannot explain! She just knew my pain, my concerns, the things holding me back and she didn't push me to just sell me her program but stepped back and said, hey, you really sound like 1 on 1 would be best so you get the personalized planning you need to boost your business! 

Working with Alex was amazing, we worked on deep stuff holding me back, my mindset especially and embodying my true self and really loving who I am so I can support others from a place of love and light instead of sales and pushiness! 

She re-designed my business by working on me and my foundation and gave me strategies to grow with what felt good to ME, not what everyone else was doing. She gave me permission to let go of things and feel emotions I have never felt before!  

Most would say this makes me weak! I now know it's far the opposite, she helped me turn my pain into my power and she helped me to see myself in a different light, with the gifts I have been given in this life to share with others authenticity ! 

I had an almost 10k month and am working on a huge month ahead because I stopped holding myself back and realized there is no perfect way to do this! I learned to look inside myself and be my own, best entrepreneur who finds joy in what I do and can shift to whatever wherever when I lock into my knowingness that I have inside. But it's not about money, it's about service and being grateful for the alignment that can come when you stop blocking it! 

Alexandra shared valuable videos, tools, and exercises which brought out the best in me! She always supported me by messenger and was there for my questions and celebrated my success (something I didn't know was so so important to share and celebrate on my own too!) She helped carve out the dream, the vision and helped to realize it was even possible again! 

This was huge and working with Alexandra Trevisan was the best investment of my life to get back what other coaches had instilled in me that was crippling me because I had lost who I was and who I am inside and tried to be someone I was not! Thank you Alex for helping me professionally but also so much so personally too, my home, my connections with spouse and others, you just never realize the impact one can make on your life until you reflect on it!  Thank you!"


Tia M.

Some Real Talk

How Much time Does This Take?

Each module is 1.5-2 hours long with an associated workbook. I would allot 3-5 hours a week on this.

What If I still Work Full time?

This program is LITERALLY the process I used to leave my full time chiropractic clinic and build my business. This is for you if you're ready to do the d*mn thing.

What If I don't Know If I want To Be an Entrepreneur? 

I would start off with buying “The Fundamentals of Fueling Your F*ck Yeah” as a place to start before committing to the entire program. 

What If I worked with other coaches and Programs and Nothing has worked so far?

Do you feel inspired by this program? By my posts? By my content in general? Do I activate something inside of you? If yes- your soul is telling you something there.

What If It feels pricey?

There is a payment plan! And you deserve to invest in yourself to make your DREAMS come true. Any sort of glow up involves taking a risk on yourself. You got this. 

2023 Bonus:


3 NEw Live Trainings

“She uncovered my desire to start my own business but lacked clarity and felt completely overwhelmed by the process.  Over the course of a month, we were able to establish clarity on my business, identify my ideal clients, outline my first course, and even get my website started.  I am super grateful for the clarity gained from our sessions and the step by step actionable items that make the concept of starting a business into a realistic and very achievable goal. I am excited to continue working with her as I launch my first course!”

Amy S. S.

It's time To

Fuel Your

 F*Ck Yeah


For Payment PLan Option: 

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Finally Live Life On Your Terms

Add 3 addtional 1:1 Sessions with Me

VIp Option

You + Me for 3 Sessions/40 minutes each where you get personalized feedback, support, accountability, and mentorship.

Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate & 

Fuel Your F*ck Yeah Instead